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Reiki Master Dennis Terry Photo in Holladay Utah

Dennis Terry, CPC

Self Empowerment Coach & Reiki Master


Dennis is a Certified Professional Self Empowerment Coach & Reiki Master. He was born in Phoenix, Arizona during the summer of 1984. He traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah with his family at the age of 5, where he currently resides. People who know Dennis personally, describe how incredibly he fought to overcome adversity and trauma. He went to the streets at the very young age of 15, running from pain and looking for answers. He grew up experiencing what most describe as the worst forms of trauma a person could experience. His downhill spiral continued until around the age of 21 when it all seemed to "click". He realized the tools he needed to release the control that his past had over him. He was able to build himself up from a homeless addict to a corporate sales & marketing consultant in only 6 years. He continued to spend much of his time researching spirituality, quantum physics, & a number of self-help philosophies & techniques. He searched for his soul (his higher self) through meditation, sweat lodge, yoga, & nature. These life experiences, paired with his passion to serve, fueled his desire to reinvent himself yet again. He had a dream to further his education and become a certified life coach. He had the drive to help others down the same path of healing & his soul craved the pleasure of helping them discover their own inner strength. He resigned from his job in corporate after dedicating four and a half years & joined the Rayner Institute in Calgary to participate in their Core Alignment Life Coach Training Program. A portion of his learning included the study of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), or what Dennis refers to as "The Language of the Mind". In 2014, shortly after successfully completing his education at Rayner Institute, he founded Inner Guidance Coaching, LLC. He discovered his life purpose and the beauty of his hardships. In his efforts to continue expanding his ability to assist and serve others, Dennis studied the Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki System of Healing & Energy Work. He received his 1st & 2nd Degree Certifications and Attunements on July 12th, 2015. He completed his Advanced Reiki Training & received his Master Level Certification and Attunements on April 26th, 2018.


Outside of helping his clients achieve the greatest version of themselves, Dennis spends time serving the community through volunteer work & continues to further his education. He loves Mother Nature and spends a good amount of time exploring trails, camping, & embracing the beauty in our world.


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