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DISCOVER Your Greatest Self

At Inner guidance coaching, LLC(IGC) your Life Coach will take you through a coaching model that uncovers possibilities, shifts perspectives, creates support, and guides you toward discovering commitments for desired results. 


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Yourself Blossom


The mission at IGC is to work toward creating a better, more balanced and peaceful world. The passion and drive to do so is demonstrated on a daily basis as your Life Coach exposes gratitude, courage, balance and success in your life.

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Sometimes in life, we lose focus and direction. Veils of emotion and negative perspectives can blind us from anything else. Other times, it’s because we have limiting beliefs that prevent self-discovery, progress, or the creation of our goals and dreams.



At IGC, your Life Coach will lead you toward discovering your desires, realizing healthier perspectives, and creating inspiration to fuel your success. A happier and more alive “you” is the goal at IGC. 


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Your Dreams


We should never lose sight of the fact that anything is possible. We have the ability to envision and therefore the ability to create.


"What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve" Napoleon Hill

At IGC, your Life Coach will help you explore possibility and discover progressive commitments toward a healthier, more balanced and successful life.

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"I took Dennis’s first Reiki class and he was remarkable. The class had a profound effect on my life for the better. Best money I ever spent. I recommend his Reiki class highly. I will be taking the next class and am looking forward to it. I made wonderful friends in the first class I will never forget."


Nanette Bachman

Ogden UT

Jan 27 2019

Reiki Certification Follow Up

"Dennis led such a beautifully organized workshop for Reiki I and II certification. The layout and flow and information given was conducive to efficiency as well as deep transformation. I liked that he did it it on a Sunday and we had a week to process and let the energy work in our lives until we received Reiki II. I love the way he leads intuitively and from such a pure channel of love and light and clarity. My life and relationships, especially the one I have with myself, feel transformed.."


Jodee Harris

Provo UT

Nov 19 2018

"I currently work with Dennis and it is an understatement to say he has changed the way I think about myself. When I first started to work with him I was in a dark place that I did not think would be possible to climb out of. I was wrong. Dennis gave me tools, ideas, and most importantly his unwavering support. Every time I left his office I felt rejuvenated and excited to take on my next life challenge. His confidence in me and caring proved to be the difference maker, I couldn't be happier with my life. I had seen 2 other life coaches before I met Dennis they cannot compare to him and his aptitude to bring out the best in his clients. I never expected true happiness would happen but Dennis opened my eyes to endless possibilities."



Greg S

Lehi UT

Oct 05 2018

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